This is why you wear a cup.

During a recent high school game in Minnesota between Sibley and South St. Paul, Sibley junior Dan O'Reilly had the misfortune of fouling a ball off his pencil and erasers, his straw and ice cubes, his, well, you get the idea.

After he started to get sensation back in his nether region, he decided to dab, presumably to show everyone he was so okay he could bust a move. Maybe he could've done the Dougie, too, while he was at it.

Good thing this happened so close to the end of the school year because O'Reilly is never going to be able to make it down the hall from algebra to history without his classmates ripping into him. Because that's just what kids do, right?

Also, did anyone else notice O'Reilly's team was up 20-1 when this happened? When you're winning by 19 runs, the most eventful thing you want to happen is for your pitcher to fine-tune his curveball, not become an accidental laughingstock when your manhood is smacked around like a speed bag.