There's a fine line between making baseball fun again and showing up your opponent.

This teen mashed a home run and punctuated it with a bat flip that gets some serious altitude. He then followed that little exhibition with the running man.

The boy in question has been identified as eighth grader Logan Hall, from Kennewick, Wash.

Now, there are two ways to look at Logan's theatrics. One, he's a kid having fun and embracing this new "Make Baseball Fun Again" movement championed by Bryce Harper. He's simply enjoying the fact he clocked a big home rune.

Two, he's an arrogant player who needs to learn a sense of humility and the importance of not showing up your opponent. Antics like this could have consequences. The opposing team could retaliate by hitting him, which could incite a brawl. Is that how we want to teach youngsters to play the game?