Pro sports' newest superstar may just be the ultimate mama's boy.

Auston Matthews, the top pick in this year's NHL draft, had a first day at the office that will be hard to top when he scored four goals in his first game in the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-4 overtime loss to the Ottawa Senators.

He scored all four goals before the close of the second period. It was a feat for the record books:

And while hockey fans throughout North America were sure to take notice, the phenom's penchant for finding the back of the net really pleased his parents, who were at the game.

His mother, Ema, cried over what Auston did. "Those were tears of joy," she said. "I feel very excited. This is what Auston has been dreaming since he was 6, playing right here in the NHL, so he's doing it. So I'm very excited, very happy for him."

His dad, Brian, echoed the sentiment. "I am hoping nobody is going to wake me up here anytime soon. This is unbelievable."

The Maple Leafs haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1966, so if Matthews is the player who leads them back to the pinnacle of the hockey world you can bet his parents will competition in the amount of love they have for him.