It's not March, but the madness has begun.

Earlier this week, Division II squad Young Harris managed to send its game against Montevallo with a buzzer-beating three-quarters court length shot as time expired in regulation.

The play was remarkable, but it was overshadowed by the call, courtesy of Young Harris play-by-play man Tommy Jenkins, who went loco on the mic.

Here's the transcript for you:

Missed free throw, we still got a chance at the buzzer. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my goodness! Yes! Yes! Yes! Forgive me, Lord. I counted my chickens before they hatched! We knocked down a 3-pointer! It is tied! Point-six seconds when he nailed it! People were already leaving the building! They’re coming back in!"

You've gotta love the emotion, which we think comes across as even more charming in that delightful Southern drawl.

Sadly, Jenkins' excitement was short-lived, though, since Montevallo would squeak out the win.

Still, it just goes to prove that nothing tops a buzzer beater for pure drama.

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