When Clemson takes on Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship, we already know who will win the battle of the smarts.

Yup, that's a "your" where there should be a "you're." Or, as this Alabama fan probably thinks about that previous sentence, "there" should be spelled "they're." And if spelling is his first problem, parking straight comes in a close second (look at how the truck is over the line).

Hopefully for Tide Nation, Jake Coker and the rest of his teammates can read defenses better than this fan here can write.

It hasn't been the most complimentary week for Alabama among the general public. On Jeopardy!, the returning champion botched the $200 answer in a category called "Colleges by Team Names." The answer: Crimson Tide. He made the unforgivable guess of Auburn, which means he probably shouldn't step within a 100-mile radius of Tuscaloosa.

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