If it feels like everyone you know is rooting for the Cubs, it may be because they are.

The Cubs have reached the World Series for the first time since 1945 and are going for their first title since 1908, prompting fans who love an underdog (yeah, the Indians -- who haven't won a World Series since 1948 -- aren't the lovable underdogs in this series) to come out of the woodwork.

You've probably noticed people who've never discussed baseball with you openly cheering on the Cubbies on your social media accounts or talking about it with you in person. Margie from accounts receivable is exhausted because she was up all night watching the game. Your brother-in-law keeps posting pictures of that one time he stood outside Wrigley Field. Your neighbor inexplicably has a Cubs banner in his front yard and won't stop saying "fly the W," instead of "hello."

There are plenty of fair weather fans and, in this case, the fandom builds as the tension of the World Series grows thicker than the fog rolling in off Lake Michigan. The next time you encounter one of these so-called die-hards, though, just give him or her this basic test to determine if he or she really is a Cubs fan or just some bandwagon hopper looking to get in on the fun.

The questions are not hard. At all. You don't even necessarily have to be a Cubs fan to know the answers. They're so easy, in fact, we're not going to give the answers here (you can Google them) because a real Cubs fan should get all seven of them quicker than the time it takes to say "Harry Caray."

  • Tinker to Evers to ______
  • Name 2 Cubs Hall of Famers
  • ______ Bartman
  • Do they play on the North Side or South Side?
  • Who famously said, "Let's play two?"
  • Curse of the Billy _______
  • Wrigley Field is known as the ________ Confines?

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