Time is certainly of the essence in auto racing.

The pit crew of the Williams Formula 1 team during the Grand Prix of Europe changed a tire in a record 1.92 seconds. Yeah, they changed a tire in under two seconds, which is a lot less than the time it takes for your brain to fully process that you've got a flat. And it's a whole hecukva lot shorter than the time it takes for you to get through to AAA to make sure someone comes out to fix it.

The Williams team has changed a tire in 1.92 seconds before, as has another crew from Red Bull back in 2013.

That's some service from several guys, especially when you consider it takes about 10 minutes to find just one person to help you at Chevron when you run in to buy some beef jerky after filling your tank.

Here's a thought: let's get more guys with pit experience to work at Jiffy Lube when we go in for a regular tune-up so we can get in and out and on with our day quicker.

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